Purchase information

A5 (15 Euro)
A4 (30 Euro)
A3 (50 Euro)
B3 (100 Euro)
A0 (300 Euro)
Full size, jumbo (700 Euro)

  • I deliver all photos in digital form and in the appropriate resolution.
  • Delivery of photos (at the customer’s request).
  • Photos were taken in film technique – Nikon FM2 – (scanned negative – 90%) and a classic digital camera – Nikon D610.
  • It’s possible to buy permanent ownership of a negative of the corresponding photograph with an agreement with the author about the price and conditions.
  • The author guarantees that each sold photo is one of ten in a defined series.
  • Possible orders for photo printing in various techniques and on various materials (wood, plexiglass, fabrics, paper, glass, capafix, painting canvas, etc.
  • Increase prices for photo printing by the cost of the final production of the print (depending on the chosen technique, i.e., the material on which it is printed)

In case the terms of sale suit you and you want to order one of the photos, send the order to this contact

Contact or call the mobile number: +385 98 273 376 – Robert Šangulin

Nikon FM2 camera
Nikon D610 camera

Nikkor 50 mm / 1.4 blend
Nikkor 70 – 300 mm / 3.5 blend
Nikkor 300 mm / 2.8 blend
Sigma 90 mm / 2.8 blend
Nikkor 16 – 35 mm / 3.5 blend


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